27% of Austrians Want to Travel to Croatia Once Epidemic Is Over

ZAGREB, April 20, 2020 – Findings of a survey conducted between 6 and 9 April show that the current COVID-19 epidemic has not yet marred Austrians’ plans to spend summer holidays in Croatia, the Jutarnji List daily said on Monday.

The findings of the survey conducted by the entrepreneurial advisory firm BlueRock and the Improve group specialised in the market research show that two thirds of the Austrians still stick to their plans to go on holidays abroad

Also 47% of those polled say that they will definitely go on holidays if the situation with the coronavirus infection changes for the better.

Only 13% of those polled say that they have given up on plans to go on holidays this summer due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Also, as many as 40% of the respondents have not yet decided on their summer holiday plans, and 42% say that they will make decisions on summer vacations in the next two months.

Of all those respondents covered by the survey, 27% have selected Croatia as their most desirable destination among the seven possible foreign destinations which also included Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Turkey and Montenegro.

A considerable portion of those who say that they prefer Croatia have already made bookings for their summer holidays in our country.

The Jutarnji List concludes that under some optimistic scenarios, Croatia can expect some turnover in the tourism industry this season, too.

Last week, Czech travel agencies hinted at possibilities of organising travels to Croatia if the relevant authorities could provide for special corridors for Czech tourists bound to Croatia.

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