Ibiza becomes tourist destination with most nightlife distinctions

Eight venues on the island of Ibiza have recently implemented the most important international distinction in nightlife, the renowned Triple Excellence in Nightlife. So, the so-called “White Isle”, becomes the tourist destination that gathers the most international nightlife distinctions in the world. This recent achievement has allowed for Ibiza to surpass the island of Tenerife (Spain) that until now had seven certified venues with this triple distinction on safety, acoustic quality and quality of service. The venues that have been certified in Ibiza are Hï Ibiza, DC-10 Ibiza, Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, Nassau Beach Club, O Beach Ibiza, Beachouse Ibiza, Ibiza Rocks Hotel and Heart Ibiza.

So, the triple certification in terms of safety, acoustics and quality of service, has strongly reached the Mediterranean destination most awarded in the world for its quality nightlife offer. This triple international certification is currently expanding to different countries around the world, and some venues in the UAE and in Spain have already obtained the distinction and will shortly be implemented in venues from the United States, Argentina, Colombia, Poland, Greece and Italy.

This triple seal of excellence, promoted by the International Nightlife Association, includes, firstly, a safety seal (International Nightlife Safety Certified- INSC-) that forces the club to have cardiac resuscitators, coin-operated breathalyzers, metal detectors, drug detector, and a protocol to avoid sexual assaults. It also requires the venue carry out a safety training course for all personnel, among other requirements. The second distinction under this triple international distinction targets acoustic quality (International Nightlife Acoustic Quality -INAQ-), which obliges the venue that implements it not to pollute acoustically as well as adopt measures to protect the acoustic health of clients and workers, such as have an acoustic limiter as well as having posters with awareness messages on protection against noise pollution and respect for the neighbors resting near the premises. Additionally, the venues have to carry out training in acoustics and good practices.

The third and last seal, focusing on quality of service (International Nightlife Quality Service –INQS-) consists of a “mystery” inspection that evaluates all areas of the premises (parking, access, toilets, VIP area) as well as costumer service, the swiftness of the service, staff appearance , among other aspects, as well as the commitment of the venue to the environment and to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, including, among other objectives, gender equality, access to work for people with disabilities, recycling and adequate working conditions. These requirements are required since the International Nightlife Association is a member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

In the words of Joaquim Boadas, General Secretary of the International Nightlife Association, “The implementation of the elements that make up the “Triple Excellence in Nightlife” entail substantial improvements in the offer of the venues that obtain them in all their areas since it is a guarantee to the client that the venue they are visiting is committed to the security of its users and offering a world-class service. This recognition is something very valuable when it comes to nightlife venues in different parts of the world. That’s why it is an honor for us that Ibiza is currently the destination gathering the most nightlife distinctions in the world.”