Tourism Brought Montenegro 1,16 Billion Euros in 11 Months

November 24, 2019 – Montenegro has generated €1 billion and €16 million in tourism revenue in the first eleven months of this year, the director of the National Tourism Organisation Željka Radak Kukavicic told Nova M. According to her, this indicates that the upcoming winter tourist season will be hugely successful.

The year slowly coming to an end was more than successful when it came to tourism. According to the latest data, over two million tourists visited Montenegro in nine months and over 13.4 million overnight stays were recorded. A positive trend was also observed when it comes to finances.

“By November, according to the Central Bank, tourism revenues reached one billion and 16 million euros, while tourist tax revenues exceeded the figure of 9 million, which is a million and a half more than last year.”

It also indicates that the upcoming winter tourist season will be hugely successful, says Radak Kukavicic. The season at the ski resorts will start soon, and this year’s offer will be more substantial and more vibrant. If weather permits, the season will run until April 1 or 15.

“From the very beginning, there will be a ski resort in Kolasin, Zabljak, Berane, Rozaje, and the Vučje Ski Center. On December 14, we will officially open ski resorts in Kolasin, followed by other ski resorts, which will open the winter tourist season with a rich program.”

How much has our country progressed as a tourist destination?

“Progress is evident; we have been recording it for decades in the tourism sector. We are witnessing that these are double-digit growth rates and that Montenegro is at the top of the list by the World Tourism Organization and the European Commission for Tourism when it is about its growth.”

Adriatic Properties intends to build a new hotel in Zabljak, where Durmitor used to be. How significant are these foreign investments for promoting our country as an elite tourist destination?

“Something we will be proud of in Montenegro, especially when it comes to northern Montenegro.

The opening of the Durmitor Hotel in Zabljak by a brand that already manages hotels on the Coast will surely be one more quality in Montenegro and a message for other investors who have their brands in the coastal region to open hotels of that and similar categories in the north of Montenegro.”

Radak Kukavičić pointed out that our country is well on its way to becoming a year-round tourist destination with an offer during all 365 days.

The National Tourism Organization, in cooperation with the local as well as the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and the Tourism Economy, promotes our country in regional and European emission markets and emphasizes those markets with which we have functional aviation connectivity.

Source: Nova M